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StickyPaper is a leading provider of labeling and thermal printing solutions for a variety of shipping, warehouse, production and office environments. Customers value StickyPaper’s high quality products, high service levels and high value offerings.
Our company offers a variety of label materials, ribbons and replacement printheads compatible with leading Zebra, Datamax-O’Neil, Sato, VideoJet, Intermec, Bell-Mark and other key printer manufacturers.
StickyPaper partners with well-respected label manufacturers and OEM-compatible replacement printheads to offer stock labels, stock ribbons and replacement printheads ship within 2 business days.
Reach out to us on social media or connect with us directly at +1 (646) 84-STICK (646-847-8425).


Acceptable File Formats:

Adobe Illustrator (preferred)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Acrobat

If other Adobe formats are not available, save as a PDF

IMPORTANT: Please include a PDF copy to proof artwork against

Artwork Checklist and Media Info

Media Info

All files supplied on disk should be accompanied with a color print out with Pantone colors specified

Please supply necessary files only

Include all “placed” (EPS or TIFFS) images as separate files on the disk. This allows us to perform “Dot Gain” cutback.

We are not responsible for damage to media or files. Send copies of files only; PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL FILES

Disks will be returned only if it is requested

All media will be retained on file as a working backup. If return is requested, we are not responsible for the condition of the document or retention of any art data.

Color Checklist

Screens and solids do not always run together in flexographic printing. Solid color could be 1-2 shades lighter in order to keep the screens clean

Consider using a one spot color when possible and stay away from knock-outs in multiple colors (i.e. Process). A 1-pt keyline of solid block or any other dark solid spot color used in the design will ensure quality reproduction

Bitmap/rasterized graphics should be 300 dpi, saved as EPS and scaled in Photoshop

Allow the design to accept at least 0.5pt of trap

Digital print is incapable with some PMS colors

Copy Checklist

Type sizes are no smaller than 4pts in positives and 5pts in reverse type

Line weights are no thinner than 0.35pts in positives and 0.75pts in reverse type

Provide all the fonts used or outline all fonts

Drop shadows without a keyline can cause registration problems in flexographic printing

Bleeds should be 0.125″ off cut line or fold line

Media Supported

DVD, CD-ROM, USB, Flash Cards, Firewire Drives, External Drives


.SEA-Self Extracting Archive, .SIT-Stuffit, .ZIP

Flexo Registration Tolerances

+/- 0.0156″ (1/64″)



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