Small Businesses: What is the tipping point to outsource your shipping? started in 2014 and expanded from its Chicago homebase to the New York market within 18 months of its launch. If you haven’t heard of, the company tailors to small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses and offers pick-up, packaging, warehousing and shipping services.

As a small business, and an online entrepreneur at that, holding on to every single dollar and cent is the lifeblood needed to fuel your company’s growth. You wear lots of hats, put in lots of sweat, tears and time and you reap all the benefits from your burgeoning empire.

Depending on your order volume, shipping requirements, and time required, at what point is it worth it to give up some control of your shipping and packaging to a third-party?  More importantly, how much profit are you willing to give up in order to have someone else manage your product’s logistics?

Every small business owner is different and each business model has its own intricacies, but third-party shipping companies may be the right solution for companies struggling with a never-ending time crunch or feeling organizational growing pains as it transitions from a walk to a jog.


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A shipping service for small online sellers receives $1 million in funding

Chicago-based ShipBob plans to expand into Brooklyn, N.Y.

At 9 a.m. every morning, Dhruv Saxena arrived at the United States Post Office in Chicago’s iconic Willis Tower, and stood at the entrance. The entrepreneur asked people who appeared to be small business owners if he could ship their packages.

“After two months I stopped standing outside the post office, and started driving to do direct pickups at company offices,” Saxena says. “The number of ‘Yeses-’ I got just started going up and up.” [READ MORE]

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