Zebra Printheads

StickyPaper Company offers high quality, OEM compatible replacement printheads at cost effective prices versus original equipment manufacturer printheads. Our printheads offer superior print for:

  • Scannable barcodes
  • Dense, legible print quality
  • Fast print speeds
  • Compatible with a variety of ribbon formulations (wax, combo wax/resin and full resin)
  • Suitable for a variety of label materials – paper, thermal, direct thermal, film and foil materials
  • Backed by a limited 6-month warranty from date of purchase or one million inches

Featured Printheads

110xi3 / 110xiIII 300 dpi printhead

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140xi3 / 140xiIII 203 dpi printhead

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ZT200 Series 203 dpi printhead

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Printer ModelResolutionStickyPaper
Item Number
OEM Part Number
PriceShop Now
Z4M203 dpiSP-Z4M-203SG79056-1M$210Shop Now
Z4M300 dpiSP-Z4M-300SG79057$278Shop Now
S4M203 dpiSP-S4M-203SG41400M$210Shop Now
S4M300 dpiSP-S4M-300SG41401M$278Shop Now
ZM400203 dpiSP-ZM400-203S79800M$210Shop Now
ZM400300 dpiSP-ZM400-300S79801M$278Shop Now
110Xi3203 dpiSP-110XI3-203SG41000-1M$210Shop Now
110Xi3300 dpiSP-110XI3-300SG41001M$278Shop Now
ZT410203 dpiSP-ZT410-203SP1058930-009$230Shop Now
ZT410300 dpiSP-ZT410-300SP1058930-010$310Shop Now
(Left & Right)
203 dpiSP-110PAX3-203S43036-1M$210Shop Now
(Left & Right)
300 dpiSP-110PAX3-300S43038M$278Shop Now
105SL203 dpiSP-105SL-203SG32432-1M$210Shop Now
105SL300 dpiSP-105SL-300SG32433M$278Shop Now
(Left & Right)
203 dpiSP-110PAX4-203SG57202M$210Shop Now
(Left & Right)
300 dpiSP-110PAX4-300SG57212M$278Shop Now
110XI4203 dpiSP-110XI4-203SP1004230$230Shop Now
110XI4300 dpiSP-110XI4-300SP1004232$310Shop Now
105SL Plus203 dpiSP-105SLPLUS-203SP1053360-018$210Shop Now
105SL Plus300 dpiSP-105SLPLUS-300SP1053360-019$278Shop Now
(Left & Right)
203 dpiSP-ZE500-4-203SP1046696-099$210Shop Now
(Left & Right)
300 dpiSP-ZE500-4-300SP1046696-016$278Shop Now
ZT200 Series203 dpiSP-ZT200-203SP1037974-010$250Shop Now
ZT200 Series300 dpiSP-ZT200-300SP1037974-011$318Shop Now
140Xi3203 dpiSP-140XI3-203SG48000M$325Shop Now
140Xi4203 dpiSP-140XI4-203SP1004234$330Shop Now
203 dpiSP-170XI3-203SG38000M$360Shop Now
300 dpiSP-170XI3-300SG46500-1M$390Shop Now
203 dpiSP-ZE500-6-203SP1004236$360Shop Now
300 dpiSP-ZE500-6-300SP1004237$390Shop Now

Recommended Zebra Ribbons

DNP is a division of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and is the world’s largest manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons for barcode and dye-sublimation printers. StickyPaper Company sells DNP ribbons exclusively for the following reasons:

  • Four distribution centers located strategically throughout the United States: California, Missouri, North Carolina and Pennsylvania
  • Industry-recognized ribbon formulations compatible with a wide variety of thermal printers and with a variety of paper, synthetic and specialty label materials
  • Thermal ribbon production and innovation based in the United States
DNP MP Wax Cost Competitive Ribbons
  • General purpose thermal print applications
  • Prints at a wide range of energy and speeds
  • Backcoat technology protects printhead and extends useful life
  • Wax formulation prints dark images and clear, crisp barcodes
  • Recommended for coated and uncoated paper label materials
  • Compliance, inventory and logistics and retail applications
  • Black ink
DNP TR4085+ Performance Wax Ribbons
  • Industry-leading resin-enhanced wax thermal ribbon
  • Features DNP’s SmoothCoat back coat to protect printhead and extend useful life
  • Ideal for printing on coated and uncoated paper, polyolefin, polypropylene, polyethylene and other synthetic label materials
  • Compliance, food and beverage, health and beauty, inventory and logistics, pharmaceutical and retail applications
  • Black ink
DNP MP Mid Wax/Resin Combination Ribbons
  • Performance grade wax/resin ribbon offers excellent small character legibility and edge definition
  • Offers superior smudge and scratch resistance to endure challenging use environments
  • Optimal ribbon for use with coated and uncoated paper, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyolefin films and challenging specialty materials Tyvek, Tyvek Brillion and Polystyrene
  • Compliance, food and beverage, health and beauty, inventory and logistics, pharmaceutical, retail and outdoor exposure applications
  • Black ink

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